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Step 1: Get Your Affiliate Link - Step 2: Tell A Friend - Step 3: Tweet It - Step 4: Bookmark It
Step 5: Blog It - Step 6: Decorate It - Step 7: Email It - Step 8: Signaturize It
Step 9: Forumize It - Step 10: Write About It

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Here's 12 GREAT reasons why you should be Promoting 'Me Know WordPress'...

Content-rich video training site - We got over 100 videos dedicated to teaching internet marketers and webmasters alike on how to use WordPress from start to finish. This is a growing trend with more search engine traffic every month!
Affordable for anyone - We've set the price just right so that anyone willing can afford the one-off lifetime membership fee. It's not too priced too cheap that it puts people but priced substantially for you to generate some serious income!
Great sales page - We put a lot of effort in making the sales page look great! From the graphics, to the sales copy, to the ease of navigation and even the little details like Trust-Guard logos. All these add up to make for great conversions - sales conversions which you'll benefit from!
Interactive blog - The days of single page mini-sites are slowly dying out and attention spans are shorter than ever. That's why our site is direct and straight to the point and now includes a customized content-rich blog with free video training - great for pre-selling your visitors!
Low refund rates - Because all the videos are available to view online, any one that refunds will have their account closed. This means ONLY serious people buy and filters out the freebie seekers looking to download and ask for a refund. What does this mean for you? Less hassle and more secure sales!
Affiliate cookie tracking - With our affiliate system, you'll be able to send people to the site and place your PayPal email on their computer. So when they're ready to buy and come back to the site at a later date, you'll get credited for the sale!
Real price increase with count-down timer - We increase the price of the membership fee after several days. This gets people to take action and to let them know we're serious and offering real value. It's been proven time and time again that ticking clocks get people moving!
Exit pop-up with follow-up - A visitor may leave a site for several reasons. They may not feel confidence enough to buy online. Whatever the reason we do our best to capture leaving traffic by adding an exit pop-up. The visitor signs up to our colorful newsletter and we follow-up with great free content and reminders to come back to the site. You've worked hard to get the traffic - so why not convert as much of at as possible?
100% instant commission via PayPal - Did we forget to mention?... You earn 100% of the sale for every new member you bring! It's like having your own PayPal button on our website but only better because we handle all the heavy lifting for you! How will you know when you've made a sale? Simple. Ever received an email saying 'You've Received A Notification Of An Instant Payment'? That's exactly what you'll see - but many many more!
No minimum sales required - And because our system is instant, there is no minimum sales required, nor is there a delay in the time you get paid. This is great if you need money NOW and want to withdraw it from your PayPal account on the same day!
Great tools and resources available - Could we make it any easier?... Sure! How about all the materials ready and pre-loaded for you so you only have to hover your mouse over some code, and copy and paste it to your website? We have everything from a tell-a-friend form, Twitter Tweets, Reviews, Emails, Graphics and so much more!
Continiously split testing for maximum conversions - As a final touch we're continiously improving our sales page to ensure you get the maximum number of conversions. We change everything from graphics, sales copy, videos, headlines, images, positioning and much more! More conversions means more sales for you. All you have to do is continue sending the traffic!

Bottom line. The more resources we provide for you, and the easier we make it, the more money you're going to make and the more business you'll do with us. This allows us both to grow and develop!

So get started today! Grab your affiliate link, use the resources below and start making money! This is probably the most easiest affiliate program you'll come across online and we can't wait to start filling your inbox with PayPal payments!


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Step 1: Get Your Affiliate Link - Step 2: Tell A Friend - Step 3: Tweet It - Step 4: Bookmark It
Step 5: Blog It - Step 6: Decorate It - Step 7: Email It - Step 8: Signaturize It
Step 9: Forumize It - Step 10: Write About It

Step 1:
Get Your Money Link!

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Replace PAYPAL@EMAIL.COM with your PayPal email address
or enter your own custom URL

This will be your raw affiliate link which you can copy and paste into your website, your Email signature, into your autoresponder series, into your articles, into your eBooks and so on. Alternatively, if you enter your own custom link, place it in here to update all your resources.

Cloaking Your Link (Optional)

Cloaking your affiliate link will protect your commissions. Whilst not mandatory, doing so will make you look more professional and trust-worthy and some social networks do not welcome open affiliate links.

Create a new text file and copy and paste in the code with your affiliate link.

header( 'Location: http://www.meknowwordpress.com/?e=PAYPAL@EMAIL.COM' );

Rename the file to index.php and upload to a folder on your server. For example, your new affiliate link will become;


Or if you bought a new domain name dedicated to this campaign you can place the index.php file directly in your main domain directory.


Step 2:
Tell A Friend About It!

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Where better to start than telling your friends, family or colleagues about it? To make things easy for you, we've provided you with a form you can use to send out the same email to different people all in one go. If you've updated your resources it should automatically have your affiliate link inside!

Simply enter your name and email, and the names and emails of your friends. You can change the subject and message how you want and there will be no other trace that the email came from our site. If you want to tell more than 5 friends, you can re-submit again.


Step 3:
Tweet It!

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Twitter is a form of blogging on a micro scale (140 characters per message) and is becoming ever more popular and is a great way of getting free traffic. If you haven't already got an account with Twitter you can sign up here - it's free! Then after logging in, simply click any of the Tweet messages below and they'll be automatically added to your account.

tweet about meknowwordpress.com
tweet about meknowwordpress.com
tweet about meknowwordpress.com
tweet about meknowwordpress.com
tweet about meknowwordpress.com

To get the most from Twitter, start by following other marketers so they can follow you back. You can use a tool like Twittollower to automate this process!


Step 4: Bookmark It!

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Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in getting your affiliate links 'out there' however going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness. That's where SocialMarker comes in, the free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website. It can help you spread a link on 50 of the best social bookmarking sites in under 15 minutes!

To start submitting your affiliate links to over 15 sites automatically, simply use the pre-filled Bookmark details below and copy them to SocialMarker. Tip! Be original! It's worth customizing or adding your own title and description so that the same bookmarks are not being sent by different people.






If you want to submit to 100s more sites, schedule your bookmarks, and spin text around to make it look random and unqiue (good for Google) then please check out BookMarkingDemon.

Step 5:
Blog Review It!

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If you already know how to set up a blog and post content to it, then this will be a walk in the park! Even if you don't, please go through our videos in module 2.

Blogs are a great way to get people visiting and interacting on your site. An unbiased review is a great way to generate interest and get people clicking on your affiliate link just to check out what you're talking about.

Simply copy and paste the review below into your blog with a banner to generate lots of interest!


Step 6:
Decorate It!

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Banners are most typically effective next to written text and articles and can be added as a sidebar widget on your blog! You'll also get high click-throughs when placed on thank-you pages, download pages and anywhere else in a sequence of events. Try to avoid placing too many banners on one page as it will distract and put off your visitors.

Simply click a button below to load a preview of the banner image below and then hover your mouse over the HTML code so you can copy and paste the banner to your website!

125x125 Static Banner v1 250x250 Static Banner v1 160x600 Static Banner v1
125x125 Static Banner v2 250x250 Static Banner v2 160x600 Static Banner v2
125x125 Static Banner v3 250x250 Static Banner v3 468x60 Static Banner v1


Step 7:
Email It!

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Note: Emails are pre-formatted to work with Aweber

Email marketing is still the most effective form of generating traffic on demand and it all starts with building a list. If you've got a mailing list of your own, you can schedule this 3-part email series into your broadcast straight away. Even if you haven't started list building, you can still add these emails into your auto-responder sequence so that new subscribers will be exposed to the offer.

Broadcast Email #1 (send on day 1)
Broadcast Email #2 (send on day 2 or 3)
Broadcast Email #3 (send on day 4 or 5)


Step 8:
Signaturize It!

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Signatures are simple yet highly effective. They get the message across and get people clicking and you can have then appended to any email or forum profile! If you're an active email marketer it's worth adding a signature to your settings so your affiliate link will be exposed with every promotional email you send out.


Step 9:
Forumize It!

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Most forums allow you to add a signature to your profile. Use the signatures from the previous step and then start socializing and interacting in the forums. Most blogs also allow you to leave URL links in their comments. Below are some pre-written blog and forum comments for socializing to help get you started. Be original, add your own words to the comment and try help others out. It's not just the people within the post or thread you're helping but everyone who will look in that post in the future and you'll get more views to your signature that way!

List of 'make money' related forums!

  1. 5 Star Affiliate Programs - Affiliate marketing forums
  2. Abestweb - Affiliate marketing forums
  3. Acorn Domains - Buy and sell UK domain names and discussion forum
  4. Adult Webmaster Info - Adult webmaster resources and forums
  5. Affiliate Seeking - Lists of the best affiliate programs and discussion online
  6. Affiliates 4U - UK affiliate marketing forum
  7. Blogger Forum - Forum for blog developers
  8. Blogger Talk - Forum for bloggers, webmasters, and programmers
  9. Business Forum - Forum for online and offline business owners and moneymakers
  10. Business Forum - Online business forum for online moneymakes
  11. BZ Image - Webdesign, webmaster, and programmers forums
  12. Capital Theory - Website monetization forum
  13. Clickbank Success - Community forum for Clickbank users
  14. Clicks - General Internet marketing forum
  15. Code4gold - Affiliate, Entrepreneur, and moneymaking forums
  16. Daniweb - Programming and webmaster forum
  17. David Castle - UK SEO and Internet Marketing Forums
  18. Ddboard - Independent domain discussion board
  19. Digitalpoint - Largest webmaster forums
  20. Directory Junction - Webmaster forum
  21. Discuss Names - Afternic domain name forum
  22. DN Forum - Domain sales, domain forum, domain appraisals
  23. DN Lodge - Webmaster and domain forums
  24. Domain Name Forums - Domain forum and marketplace
  25. Dream Team Money - Webmaster and moneymaking forums
  26. Ewealth - Internet marketing and webmaster forum
  27. Free Web Space - Webhosting and web administration forum
  28. Geek Village - Moneymaking forums with CPA programs
  29. Global Gold Talk - Online moneymaking forums
  30. Goldage - Webmaster ans general moneymaking forum
  31. Golden Talk - Moneymaking and High Yield Investment Forum
  32. Golden Talk - One an active HYIP and moneymaking forum
  33. GPT Boycott - Get-paid-to programs forum
  34. HTML Forums - Webmaster and HTML help forum
  35. IDN Forum - Domain name forums
  36. Im4newbies - Internet marketing discussion forum
  37. IQ 69 - Mainstream webmaster forum
  38. Iwebtool - SEO, webmaster, and domain discussion
  39. Money Fan Club - Online moneymaking forums
  40. Money Maker Group - High Yield Investment and moneymaking forums
  41. Namepros - Domain and webmaster forums
  42. Ozzu Forum - Webmaster forum
  43. PhpBB Forum - PhpBB webmaster and developers forum
  44. Pinoy Money Talk - Moneymaking and webmaster forum for Filipinos (in English)
  45. Rolclucb - General moneymaking forums
  46. SE Rountable - Search Engine and SEO forum
  47. SEO Australia - Australian SEO Forum
  48. SEO Chat - SEO discussion forum
  49. SEO Forum - Search Engine Optimists
  50. SEO Guy - Search engine optimization forum
  51. Simple Machines - SMF support and developers forum
  52. Site Owners - Forum for all site owners and webmasters
  53. Site Point - Biggest and most respected programmers and webmasters forum
  54. Small Business Forum - Online business discussion
  55. Submit Express - Search Engine forums
  56. Talk Freelance - Freelance webmasters and programmers forums
  57. Talkgold - HYIP and moneymaking forum
  58. The Admin Zone - Resource for owners and administrators of online communities
  59. The Free Ad Forum - Largest advertising forum
  60. The Green Nation - High Yield Investment and moneymaking forums
  61. The HYIP Forum - High yield investment forum
  62. TRI PHP - Webmaster community forum (membership required)
  63. V7N Forum - Webmaster community forum
  64. W3 SEO - Webmaster Forum
  65. WAHM Forum - Working mom forum
  66. HOT! Warrior Forum - The best Internet Marketing forum
  67. Web Developer - Webmaster and programming forum
  68. Web Dignity - Webmaster directories and seo forum
  69. Web Icy - Webmaster Community
  70. Web Life - We business portal forum
  71. Webcosmo Forum - New and rapidl growing webmaster forum
  72. Webdesign Forums - Web development and webdesign forum
  73. Webhosting Canada - Canadian hosting forum
  74. Webhosting Talk - Webhosting community discussion
  75. Webmaster Forum Online - Webmasters and programmers development forum
  76. Webmaster Talk - General webmaster forum
  77. Webprowordl - Webmaster, SEO, and programming forum
  78. Webtalkforum - Webmaster and SEO Forum
  79. Investdad - Hyip And Make Money Online Forum
  80. Exchangemoneyforum - Hyip, Exchange money and Make Money Forum
  81. Money Making Kingdom - Making Money Online Forum

Tip! You can type in 'make money' +forum to find many more forums to interactive in. You will also find many high ranking blogs that allow you to post comments - use this as an opportunity to provide interesting and comments whilst adding your affiliate link in the post.


Step 10:
Write About It!

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Articles are a great way for building links back to your site (affiliate link). It works by submitting free article content to networks, who then in turn share your content with other webmasters so they can copy and paste it to their website.

With each article you submit you're allowed to provide an author biography. This is your chance to leave a strong call-to-action so anyone reading your article is included to check out your link (cloaked affiliate link).

For great long term results, you should write your own unique article content or hire someone on sites like Elance to do it for you. To get started simply select an article below and submit it to one or several of the article directories listed below. To speed up and automate the process you can download a lite version of SEO Link Robot.

Please select an article below and copy to load it in the text box for copying:


List Of High Ranking Article Sites

List of top article directories used by SEO Link Robot. Click here to download the lite version.

ezinearticles.com bestrealarticles.com articlemarketing.biz
articlesbase.com business.articlesnguides.net articlesbuddy.com
articlealley.com darkloardclothier.info articleinventory.com
sooperarticles.com diesceinbar.de articlesspread.com
goarticles.com economicnewsarticles.org articlesubmited.com
thefreelibrary.com gossipblower.com articlesuplement.com
ideamarketers.com hogor.com artikelsammlung.com
articlecatalogue.com recenthealtharticles.org authorz.net
articlechart.com sciencenewsarticles.org dailyevening.com
articledashboard.org virginarticles.com free-content-resource.com
articleevent.com agentsdirectory.co.uk informationabundance.com
articlehotel.com articleblogdirectory.com themyarticle.com


List Of High Ranking Web 2.0 Social Network Sites

List of top social networks used by SEO Link Robot. Click here to download the lite version.

blog.com blog.ca tumblr.com
insanejournal.com bravejournal.com kamusta.com
myopera.com sosblog.com blogetery.com
onsugar.com worldvillage.com blurty
wordpress.org xanga.com blogdrive.com
zimbio.com blogtext.com livejournal.com
gather.com sweetcircles.com  


List Of High-Ranking Press Release Sites

List of top press release sites used by SEO Link Robot. Click here to download the lite version.

freepressindex.com pressreleasecirculation.com jkhanok.com
pressreleasepublic.com downloadjunction.com addpr.com
release-news.com pressbox.co.uk mediasyndicate.com


List Of RSS Feeds

List of top RSS feeds used by SEO Link Robot. Click here to download the lite version.

feedagg.com rssmotron.com medifeeds.com
goldenfeed.com postrank.com finfeeds.com
icerocket.com feedplex.com moneyfeeds.com
feedgy.com metafeeder.com newsfeeds.com
readablog.com edufeeds.com polfeeds.com


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